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OK It’s not what you Think….

We at the Survival Expo Would like to make it clear that the Expo will be a non political event.  We have had several people express concerns about this.   We are fully aware that everyone has political views and many people are prepping for what might be politically inspired reasons.  Many people, however are concerned about disastrous events that have nothing to do with politics; Natural disasters, unemployment, Illness or injury, Technological & Accidental Hazards, Pandemics, Terrorists.

The more people who are prepared in an emergency the better off everyone is.   We would like this event to be educational.   We would like everyone to feel comfortable at the Expo and ask that politics be left outside the event.

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  • We do not sell, rent, or give our mailing list to anyone and do not release any telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or mailing addresses you may have given us.



So, what is Survival Preparedness & how can I learn more???

According to FEMA, “Emergency Preparedness is not the sole concern of Californians for earthquakes or those who live in “Tornado Alley”, or the Gulf Coast residents because of hurricanes. Many communities globally incur several types of hazards during thier lifetime and many who perished needlessly could have survived by starting with simple awareness preparations. Knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency event is a critical part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count.”

The more people who are concerned with protecting their families in a crisis situation, large or small, that are prepared for an emergency, the better off everyone will be in the long haul.

The 2015 Survival Prepper Expo is designed for enlightenment, learning, prepping and expanding your ability to live life at ease… At the EXPO you will discover more than lifesaving product exposure, but services & lifestyle opportunities for today. Watch the web site & facebook page for sponsorship opportunities & vendor availability at the show… sign up while space remains… Sign up before Novemebr first to receive $50 off your standard booth space. Info is on the website:www.survivalpreppersexpo.com

SurvivalPreppersExpo.com is Excited to Announce our new Radio Show “Survival Preppers Network Radio” Airing 10/15/2014

  • The shows back bone includes, but not limited to: Sgt. Prepper & his man at the mic, Nomad. Why are we doing this? “To Help and To Educate the general public on basic survival skills with an emphasis on being prepared for the unknown, regardless of the situation. We understand there are many theories on what might happen and what could happen in the future, but we believe only God knows what awaits us and we do not make any claims or suggestions as to what will or what will not happen.

  • WHAT COULD happen is what we practice and talk about.

  •  EXPERTS at your fingertips: survivalpreppersradio.com OR on
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SurvivalPreppersExpo?ref=br_tf
  •  There will be Items and skilled professionals on hand to guide you along the survival process… to help us survive and live a more self sustainable life and less reliant upon society.

  • On 9/11/2014, while making an in studio recording for Survival Prepper Network Radio, host, “Nomad” had voluntarily taken on a year long challenge with the listeners for him to be put in any situation, (of Sgt. Preppers choosing from the suggestions offered by listeners and bloggers) for three days which Nomad will have to survive on the skill~sets that, YOU, the listeners and other members participating over the next year. Also, with the help of our other on-air personalities and show hosts, we’ll see what he’s learned along the way. Nomad has no survival skills and has lived a Latte expresso life style. Nomad’s 3 day challenge starts at midnight on 9-11-15. (We hope Nomad has his life insurance paid up!)

  • Go to our website: www.survivalpreppersnetworkradio.com to see the Count~Down clock & watch & participate in what we do to Nomad. Listen and learn or teach with Sgt. Prepper and Nomad.

  • Both are from the harsh lands of Minnesota. Sgt. Prepper is a real person on the inside… he’s a husband to Carmen Geddon and a worn out father of 5 questionable children. The entire family has been living a committed survivalist lifestyle for more than 25 years…being an expert in beekeeping, food storage, hunting, fishing, element survival and alternative energy, Sgt. Prepper has been sought out by Doomsday Preppers, a National Geographic channel for a segment on winter survival, Foxes “Utopia” and “Naked and Afraid”. Sgt. Prepper has declined them all as he takes real life survival preparations seriously, but with a relaxed sense of humor that lets you step in and enjoy the ride. BTW, He declined all the prgrams mentioned… I guess he doesn’t wanna be a cable celebrity… Sgt. Prepper just wants his & your family safe today and tomorrow.

  • Saved the best for last~~~~                                                         Carmen Geddon has a military background serving an impressive 11 years in the Minnesota Air National Guard in military deployment and military wartime readiness. She was activated for several world conflicts during her tenure. She is most proud to be a mother of 5 hungry mouths.

  • SurvivalPreppersExpo.com is in its fourth year of helping others to be more self-sufficient survivors because of all of you helping each other. BRAVO!!! .

  • We are motivated to organize and continue to grow the Survival Preppers Expo and in March at the Ramada in Minneapolis Minnesota you can be a part of it all… we’re here to be as informative and educational for everyone as possible. Learn how to live again!!!!

  • Expo in March 2015 and ask that politics and your own weapons be left in your vehicle.


The 4rd Annual Survival Preppers Expo is extending its outreach to the community by collecting food shelf items and offering classes, along with its many sought after survivalist vendors and Red Cross blood drive. The blood drive is on Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm. Anyone donating blood receives $5 discount on admission. On Sunday, the expo has FREE attendance for all service personnel, including firefighters, police officers, and veterans.

The new exciting classes being added at the expo are lead by experts in their field: beekeeping, permit to carry, self defense, gardening, and more. An added bonus for anyone registered for beekeeping and permit to carry is a FREE admission for the expo.


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