FREE Seed Class

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Free with Purchase of admission to the expo.
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FREE seed saving classes.

1    What Heirloom Seeds are and How to Save Seeds

2:00pm Sat  & 2:00pm Sun      Instructor  Tamara Hanson   Free with Purchase of admission to the expo.

Tamara Hanson spent summers on her grandmother’s vegetable farm near Forest Lake, Minnesota. She started her own vegetable business in Big Lake, MN in 2008. It was first called Grandma’s Garden after her grandma and then Windy River Eco Farm as it expanded. The produce grown is sold in Community Supported Agriculture shares and at farmers’ market. She has taught classes on organic vegetable growing, seed starting, seed saving and cooking with produce. Tamara specializes in both rare heirloom varieties from around the world and in vegetable landraces, which are a mix of varieties of a crop selected for survival in a specific location and purposely maintained as a diverse gene pool to help it be more adaptive to harsh conditions. Tamara will teach both heirloom seed saving and landrace seed breeding. Several gardening classes are planned for this summer at Windy River Eco Farm that are suitable for beginners to very advanced gardeners and market gardeners.


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