FREE Gardening

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Two separate gardening classes will be offered Free with the purchase of admission to the expo.


The 10 Steps for Successful Square Foot Gardening are presented, along with a wide range of suggestions for productive vegetable gardens.SAVE SEEDS by following the 1, 4, 9, or 16 per square.In addition to the basics, we will also share innovations for a weedless composted 4’x 4’ SFG.As Mel Bartholomew, author of SFG innovates, so do we!Look for ALL of the SFG books at our booth including the classic 1981 best selling Rodale book!

1    Square Foot Gardening

       11am Sat   & 1:30pm Sun         Instructor  Connie Lahr     

2    Keep your garden growing                                              

       1pm Sat     &   3:pm Sun          Instructor Connie Lahr      

 Sign up early to reserve your spot.

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Connie and Patrick Lahr are taking the concept of square foot gardening around the world. 

Gardening World Wide Formerly known as Haiti Gardens, has been helping since 1984 including four years in Haiti from 1985 to 1989. They support small family garden projects to provide food for the household that gives nutrition and energy to its members thus enabling them to fully carry on daily activity. We promote stewardship of the land via composting and caring for the land in harmony with God’s Nature.

The method the Lahrs teach is called Square Foot Gardening, an approach developed by Mel Bartholomew.  Square Foot Gardening is a method of planting not in rows but in a four-foot square, divided by a grid into 16 one-foot squares. Planting up to 16 different vegetables and fruits and rotating what is planted year-to-year, the raised garden with its special soil mix can produce abundant food.

Along with their mission work in Haiti they also teach Square Foot Gardening through community education classes and teach gardening to children in area schools.



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